Thursday, September 13, 2007

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  1. Constructed leaves so lovely and green,
    grown in labs with irridescent sheen
    taste so very "natural," too
    like cattle raised inside a tube.
    But have no fear,
    do not worry,
    don't go 'round concludin' in such a hurry.
    those lettuces leaves so plump and sweet,
    are 100% organic just like the meat...
    ask our chemist, he'll tell you that
    he personally constructed all of the fat
    and the proteins that were used to make
    the beef that you put in your lasagna bake.
    he only creates molecules that
    form the juiciest juices and the fatiest fats
    ...and are carbon based
    which is clearly defined
    as the basis of "organic"
    ... not what you had in mind?