Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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  1. fifty-six kindred upon Verdant Hill,
    they stood and they waited to make the first kill.
    when the time came, and the bloody charge called.
    they fell to their work like an avalanche.

    ferdinan franc was the first one to fall.
    his soul did not twitch when his roll was called.
    he fell as he fought, with his lance in hand.
    and he laughed as he died in the battle.

    next on the ground was mioux de michelle.
    he had thirty foes with him as guest-mates in hell.
    a braver man never was seen on the field
    and none could match his drinking.

    Young men all who read through my screed,
    don't think yourselves meet and fit for the deeds
    of these men who fought and so gallantly killed
    the seventy thousand upon Verdant Hill.